Thursday, August 7, 2014

PPC Pros and cons

PPC Pros and cons

Before you spend a single penny let's go through the pros first. Some of the top pros of doing PPC advertising:

  • You set your budget amount
  • You can choose the words or phrases that you bid on
  • There are no contracts with the search engines
  •  You can turn your campaigns on and off when you decide
  •  Results can come in very quick
  •  You write the ad text yourself
  •  It can be a cheaper form of advertising
  •  Visitors are a targeted user, they are searching for you
PPC Pros and Cons
PPC Pros and Cons
The Cons

  • It's not for every industry. If you have a lower price point product and the cost of the clicks are high, it just won’t pay to bid on search phrases. You wind up spending more monies than profits.
  • There are no guarantees that you'll make your advertising monies back.
  • PPC advertising can be confusing. There is a lot of vocabulary and options to learn. And it can be competitive. If you're industry is competitive it may not be any cheaper than any other method of advertising when all of the costs and clicks are added up.
  • You have to watch and be aware of click fraud. This is where people, competitors or robots maliciously click on your ads to use up your PPC money. They have no intentions of buying your product or service. The search engines are actually quite good at detecting this behavior and crediting advertisers automatically.

Each person's experience will be different, but the more you can educate yourself before you get started the more likely you are to be successful and the less money you will waste.

Steve Steinberger

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