How do you know your website is working? I don’t mean in the sense that it renders in a browser, but does it make you money, engage customers or brand your company.
Google Analytics can give you that insight. Within your Google Analytics account you can setup goals and then track their progress.
Setting up Goals
First you will need to install a snippet of code to track visitors. Then you can setup goals depending on your type of business.
The goals you setup for your website are the foundation of your website analysis because everything gravitates around your goals and conversion rates, the goals that are ultimately your business goals.
If you are wondering what goals you need to setup, start by asking yourself what is the purpose of your website. Is it an e-Commerce site that sells tangible goods? Is it a blog where you want to make revenue from ads? Do you sell eBooks or services? What is the main purpose of your site?
Once you figure this out you can go and start setting up goals base on your business objectives.
Here are some examples that will give you traction:
  • e-Commerce site - enable eCommerce tracking and start checking the conversion rates for your products
  • Engaged Visitors - people who spend more than one minute on your site
  • Readers - people who visit at least two pages on your site
  • Calls to action - use event tracking to measure calls to action
  • Best performing ads - use event tracking to measure your best performing ads
  • Subscriptions - check how the visitors who subscribe to your list behave
  • Purchases - if you sell eBooks or courses you can get insights about your buyers
These goals will help you track conversion rates and get insights about the main traffic sources that send you visitors ,which convert, what are the keywords that send you customers, which page your visitor use most to signup for your newsletter, and more.
Use these examples to get started. Every website is unique and it will have unique goals.
Steve Steinberger