Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SEO & Responsive Website Design

SEO & Responsive Website Design

If you're like most businesses you either have a website accessible by mobile devices of you are looking in to doing so. Either way your business will benefit significantly if mobile users can access your site and have a pleasurable experience while doing so. The best way to determine what users are getting out of your website when they visit via a Smartphone or tablet is to test it out yourself. How hard is to navigate through your website? Users may not stick around too long to find out if they aren't happy with their experience within the first couple of minutes.
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SEO is important for a successful website and combining it with responsive web design is a must. Not all mobile users have a PC or desktop to access websites so consider the many visitors you could be missing out on if your website isn't mobile-friendly. Here are a couple of reasons to implement a responsive layout to your existing website.
Say Goodbye to Increased Bounce Rates
You might do a search for something while on your Smartphone and click on the first (or one of the top) results. However, after just a few minutes on the site you find yourself frustrated because it's not working correctly. Therefore, you decide to go back and try another website. This could be the reason for a high bouncerate if that is something you're experiencing as of late. Users who are unable to access your site from a mobile device won't likely stay too long on the site because it's more work than they want to endure to find information. 
You can say goodbye to significant bounce rates by incorporating a responsive layout so that mobile users can easily access the valuable information on your website. This also means you can continue adding valuable information without worry of any dysfunction on the user's end. This means happy visitors and potentially happy customers!

Enhanced User Experience

How often do you believe that people visit a website in search of information that they can easily share with others? More often than you realize I'm sure. By offering a user-friendly website your visitors can pass on the valuable information they find which means even more potential visitors to your site. Social media has done great things in terms of spreading the word about anything; including businesses.
Your visitor should be able to access all of your site's content as if they were visiting from a PC instead of their mobile device. Even if you are visiting a page from your desktop and you decide to share it with a friend who accesses it from their phone, the website will be just as user-friendly for them as it was for you.
In addition, if your website has been around for awhile you can continue appealing to modern users through responsive design. If you want all of your visitors to have an exceptional experience, from any device they decide to use, every time they visit your website, you'll want it to be responsive. Just be prepared to watch your traffic numbers increase after launching the responsive design features!

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