Thursday, September 4, 2014

Guarantee instant SEO Results

Companies that offer immediate and predictable SEO results are bad for both the businesses that hire them as well as the SEO community as a whole. It is possible to get a short term boost in SEO results. This typically involves using “Black-Hat SEO”. Black Hat SEO involves using underhanded techniques that manipulate the way Google scans sites and tricks the ranking algorithms into giving it a higher ranking on the search results page. Google actively checks for sites using techniques like this and if a site is caught using these techniques they will be punished by getting a lower result ranking or being removed from searches altogether. 

Often times if a company is claiming that they can guarantee a #1 Google result within a short amount of time they are employing Black-Hat tactics which can really hurt you in the long run.

SEO ... How long does it take

Not only is this bad for your company but it cheapens the SEO community in general. SEO is a fairly recent industry, which means that many managers are not too familiar with it. This has created a misconception for some managers that you should be able to predict results in SEO and that if you cannot you are amateur. People do not like to pay money for possibilities they want to see results. Our modern business culture favors fast and immediate results. This is why it is tempting to go for a company using Black Hat techniques.

“White-Hat SEO” should be viewed as a long-term ongoing investment. It can sometimes take months to see noticeable results. Ok, So, How long does it take to see results from SEO? As much as we may want an actual answer the truth is that it depends. SEO is complicated and the time frame can depend on so many different factors.

This is a question that gets asked all the time by business owners. Business owners want to see a reasonable return on investment. The issue is that SEO is difficult to quantify or accurately predict. SEO is not a traditional service like most other business services. Unless you are offering a new service with no competition, it is impossible to guarantee a high result on a Google results page. 

Steve Steinberger

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