Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Goldmine of Data | Google Custom Search

Yes, with Google custom search for websites we can make it easier for your website visitors to find information, and for the website owner you can find out what key phrases those visitors are using to access your site. 

We can tie your site search with Google Analytics and then report on all the key phrases that a real customer may be using to search your site. 

THINK ABOUIT IT! …… I mean think about that……. 

A customer goes on your shoe store and is looking for “Designer Canvas Shoes” If we knew from previous searches that this was an actual search term, we could have created a landing page for “Designer Canvas Shoes” and send that potential customer to that landing page. Instead in this example, without knowing we might have lost that customer, he would have simply bounced off the page. Just another bounce rate statistic.
Its an easy tool to install, configure and its FREE!

Steve Steinberger

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