Thursday, October 16, 2014

Anatomy of an SEO optimized webpage

SEO optimized webpage

perfect SEO optimized web page
Optimized Webpage
  1. The webpage is about 400 words in length (not counting code), putting it in the ideal 400-600 word range 
  2. The keyword Phrase is used in the H1 tag and in at least 50% of the other H tags (h2, h3), and the page is effectively broken up by sub-headings (H2 or H3 Tags) 
  3. There is approximately one H tag per 150 words of content. The keyword is used 5 times throughout the page and also appears in a strong tag (bold) and in a list item 
  4. Variations of the keyword and other related keywords are used throughout the text 
  5. The text of the page contains cross-links to other related pages using keyword rich anchor text relevant to the pages being linked to 
  6. Every page should cross-link to 1 or 2 other relevant pages on your site
  7. Advanced SEO Practices

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