Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SEM Elements

The Elements of SEM

As a general rule, search engine marketing is centered on three areas namely, site index, relevance, and authoritativeness.

Site Index
 This is the openness of a website design to search engine spiders. Because of the fact that most of these spiders are not receptive to certain tools like JavaScript, Flash, as well as dynamic page generation, your website  needs to these technologies. If you have a flash-based homepage without any links, the spider cannot enter your site effectively. Therefore the goal of SEM in this case is to eliminate all unnecessary elements that block search engine spiders.

Because all search queries are made up of phrases or strings of words, it is vital for companies to ensure the most appropriate keywords for their business, products, or services. This is where a careful and sensible keyword research is done. Once you have a list of suitable keywords, assign keywords to each of your web pages. Then create content that is relevant to those keywords. Although all your web pages should be keyword-optimized, it would be wise to place your most important keywords on your landing page as it would be the first page that welcomes your readers and visitors.
While it sounds easy, optimization necessitates practical planning. Make sure that all your keywords are decently distributed throughout the content. Two to three keywords per 500-word article/write up would suffice. Also, make sure your landing page contains high-quality and marketable content to increase your chance of converting visitors into actual customers.

Just as community involvement and branding benefit a brick-and-mortar business, industry visibility and popularity are rewarded by search engines. If your business website is recognized as a thought-leader, trusted, and expert in your industry, it will be viewed as an authority in your subject matter. You can effectively develop the online presence of your business through dozens of channels such as blogs, newsgroups, publications, and social networks. The key to becoming authoritative in your field is to get as many quality links from other trusted websites as possible. In today's environment where Google places a growing emphasis on authoritativeness, a good link popularity campaign should be a necessity rather than an option.         

Final Words
An SEM project usually takes months to develop, fine tune and test. It is a continuous process since search engine's algorithm and technology also changes overtime. Therefore, it is a prudent move to always evaluate your search engine marketing services to determine which of them yields satisfactory return of investment.

Steve Steinberger
Klick Twice technologies, Inc.

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