Monday, July 28, 2014

QR codes here to stay

QR code Dead or Alive

There are those that believe that the time of QR codes have come and gone. And others believe that we're just getting started.

I believe they are here to stay and have only scratched the surface of their capabilities.

QR Code Marketing
QR Code Marketing

A QR code is like any tool. They have their place within the marketing mix and when used correctly they can be extremely effective. Please keep in mind that QR codes are just one type of image trigger that you could place in your marketing. There are many others, like: image scanning, digital water marketing, and proprietary codes like SpyderLynk.

A QR code is an image embedded with your marketing message. When the QR code is scanned by a smartphone (the QR Code to the left will redirect you to another page, see other QR Code examples) scan the information in the image can trigger a number of events and experiences for the users. For instance, when someone scans a QR code this trigger can take the person to a website, trigger a phone call, save contact information into their address book, add events to their calendar, trigger an email being sent or a text message.

Maybe you want to have them do a post to a social media site like Twitter or depending on their operating system you can display different content. If they're on an Apple iOS device you can have one message delivered to that device and if they are on Android, you could have a different piece of content delivered to those devices.

Steve Steinberger

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