Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SEO and Pinterest

Pinterest SEO
While you can find some marketing ideas on simple ways to use Pinterest SEO for promotion, it's also possible to take this step further using some simple SEO techniques. The first thing to optimize your Pinterest business account for search. Make sure that your username is straightforward. The field for the name has no character limit, but the real challenge often comes with your user name, which is confined to 15 characters. If your full artist,  band or product name fits, then you're in business. If  it doesn't choose something that's memorable, key word conscious, and easy to spell, so that it's clearly associated with your music.

SEO and Pinterest
Pinterest and SEO 
The next thing is to optimize your page's About section. The Pinterest About section provides you with 200 characters of prime keyword real estate, so use this space wisely. 200 characters is actually plenty of space for an overview that covers who, what, and where, and what you do. Also, don't forget to add your website URL in the space provided. Always include a reference link back to your website with your pins, and if you re-pin a post that features your content or products, edit your description to include a full link instead of one that uses a link shortener.

Including a link back to your website, will not only reinforce the fact that the image is associated with your band or product, but it also makes it possible for the pinner to purchase something or learn more about you. Be aware that Pinterest has been known to mark pins that have shortened links in their description as spam. Hashtags on Pinterest not only allow you to organize your pins by a specific theme or campaign, but they also make your pins a lot more searchable. Use hashtags that pertain to your band, product or type of music, but also check to see if there's a popular trend that maybe you can associate with.

Get precise with your descriptions, and consider adding your location, gig and merch details, or the audience you'd like to target. Use common keywords that people use to search for things. Follow these suggestions, and you'll find that your boards and pins will be more easily found by your fans and your friends.

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