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The Integrated Online Marketing Plan

Integrated Online Marketing Plan

When you start structuring your integrated marketing plan there are three parts that we want to keep in mind. Number one, we want to introduce content ahead of the trend. Ahead of the trend simply means doing your keyword research and determining when your key phrases are more likely to be search on.

If you want to be found in the search engines you have to have content on your site before the trend. Being ahead of the trend is usually 45 to 60 days before the trend peaks. The main reason is that is going to give you time to develop the content, create conversations on social media which will in turn create links from other website to your website. As you gain links and gain attention to that article on your site, it will increase the effectiveness and the relevancy of that article.

Integrated Marketing Plan
Integrated Marketing Plan | SEO Integrated Marketing
This will increase the possibility of it being found during the high search trend periods. Once that trend is in place and at the highest search period where people are looking for information, your ability to have conversation with people through multiple channels increases dramatically.  Once the trend is over you can use the information that you have learned and plan for either the next trend or for the next year.

Structuring your plan around the concept of introducing prior to the trend, developing during the trend and closing the trend helps you to be seen as an authority in your market because you know when to talk about important issues.

Its probably easiest to organize by the plan by months. This is typically where a spreadsheet with the next twelve months will work just fine. Next go over to  Google trends to find out when your keywords or key terms trend throughout the year.

If we use vacation and travel as our key phrases you can get a sense of when certain terms are trending. If you do a lookup in Google trends you can see that in January family vacations and beach vacations are at their highest search trend.  Write that on the  content calendar.  Inclusive vacations peaks in January.  Memorial Day vacations peaks in May and beach vacations has a second peak in June and July.

Now introduce the content that will reference these key phrases. You want to be online before the search trend hits so that you can build attention and gain links to your site. So  if you want to start ranking for articles about family vacations and beach vacations then you need to have content up on your site around mid November.

You can introduce the new content through a guest article, ask another blogger to guest blog your site. Maybe it's a article with a video that you can produce. If family vacations is what you are going after then videos are a great way to engage people as they're starting to research what type of vacation they want.  

You can publish the video on Youtube and of course embed the same video on your facebook page. Surround the video with content and possible asking people what type of vacation they are planning on for next year. You can see that we are introducing the content before the trend and then using it to leverage conversation up to the trend. Again, when you start introducing content, think about 45 to 60 days prior to the trend.

Remember, the trend goals are to get the search engines to index your content before the peak of your keyword trend.

Steve Steinberger

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